Tips for Moms after birth



Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy veteran, Tracy Sher details this specialty and why it’s extremely important to women's health in this post:

It is recommended that every woman who has a baby see a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to assess their pelvic floor health. This is a link to find one near you:

Local PFPTs in the capital region (upstate NY)

Albany Medical Center Outpatient Physical Therapy  99 Delaware Avenue, Delmar 518-262-9700

St. Peter’s Health Partners Pelvic Health Center at Albany Memorial Hospital

Kate Robertson 518-475-1818 (Slingerlands) 

Shannon Regner, Innova PT 518-632-4944 (Queensbury) 

Seton Health Incontinence Treatment Center 518-268-5380 (Troy)

Regina Hagstrand, 518-371-9572 (Clifton Park)

Laura Purificato 518-512-3452  (Albany)

on diastasis recti

Two great articles about diastasis: Dear diastasis community, don’t make me come in there By Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy expert, Julie Wiebe

Jessie Mundell, Pre & Postnatal Exercise Trainer who coaches women all over the globe and runs the PostNatal Fitness Academy 3 Things You MUST Know For Better Core + Pelvic Floor Function Now 

Recovering from a c-section?

Your provider may not have had time to mention it, but mobilizing your scar is incredibly important. It can make a difference many years after your c-section. Here are two articles on why!

Are you an athlete?

Check out these excellent resources from Brianna Battles' website on: exercise during pregnancy, the No Pee cheatsheet (yes please!), Common Mistakes for Athletes & Their Coaches (I've been there) and more about Diastasis Recti for Athletes.

To find a Pregnant & Postpartum Athleticism Coach near you, check this map:

on prolapse

Article from Girls Gone Strong about prolapse: Can I Exercise With Pelvic Organ Prolapse? 

Also see my blog and the post titled, "Leaking is common but it's not normal" for more on prolapse. 

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Pregnancy & postpartum Athleticism

I am a strong supporter of the programs on Brianna Battles' website for coaches and athletes! 

For coaches who work with women., you will learn evidence based strategies for training clients during pregnancy and beyond. Through the course, you join the ranks of an impressive group of coaches, pelvic floor therapists and birth professionals from around the globe.

For athletes returning to their favorite activities after having a baby, there are great courses you can take right in the comfort of your home - a no brainer!

I am also a graduate of the PostNatal Fitness Academy! Taking this course changed the course of my career and has also connected me with countless talented colleagues all over the world. 

Learn more about this program here:

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